Brunswick Georgia Yachts for Sale

Brunswick, Georgia/Jacksonville, Florida Yachts for Sale

Brunswick Landing Marina Georgia
Brunswick Landing Marina at Brunswick, Georgia

The Curtis Stokes & Associates Jacksonville, Florida and Brunswick, Georgia teams cover Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our highly qualified area broker is Yacht Broker Bio: Brent Anderson.

Brunswick, Georgia is on the Intracoastal Waterway and Saint Simons Sound leading to the Atlantic Ocean. Brunswick has a well preserved historical district and is close to barrier island resorts.

Please see the Curtis Stokes & Associates listings below for the South Georgia area and north Florida. See the mapped listings further below for all CSA listings.

CSA Brunswick & Jacksonville Boats & Yachts for Sale

53' Southern Star

Hatteras Sportfish for Sale

Southern Star info »$69,000

51' Bella

Sea Ray Motor Yacht for Sale

Bella info »$289,900

51' Stevedore

Dettling Motor Yacht for Sale

Stevedore info »$499,500

49' Shenanigans

DeFever CPMY for Sale

Shenanigans info »$324,500

48' Outta The Loop

Navigator Motor Yacht for Sale

Outta The Loop info »$224,900

48' Last Resort

McKinna Motor Yacht for Sale

Last Resort info »$215,000

47' Sea Jamm

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Sea Jamm info »$149,500

47' Seyhorse

Hi-Star Motor Yacht For Sale

Seyhorse info »$279,000

46' Beach Quest

Sea Ranger Motor Yacht for Sale

Beach Quest info »$149,500

46' Novel Idea

Silverton Sportfish for Sale

Novel Idea info »$89,500

44' Iffin

Endeavour Trawlercat for Sale

Iffin info »$262,500

44' Morning Sun II

DeFever Trawler for Sale

Morning Sun II info »$129,000

42' Kindred Spirit

Grand Banks Trawler for Sale

Kindred Spirit info »$135,000

42' Goood Life

Custom Camargue Motoryacht for Sale

Goood Life info »$89,500

40' Hoosier

Sabre Sailboat for Sale

Hoosier info »$59,500

38' Y-Knot 3

Sabre Yachts Sailboat for Sale

Y-Knot 3 info »$58,500

38' Katie Beth

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Katie Beth info »$125,000

37' Tanuki

Great Harbour Trawler for Sale

Tanuki info »$340,000

36' Harmony

Endeavour Sail Cat for Sale

Harmony info »$109,900

36' Soul Mates II

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Soul Mates II info »$99,450

35' Ringle

Hunter Sailboat for Sale

Ringle info »$57,500

34' Zama Dawn

Island Packet Sailboat for Sale

Zama Dawn info »$159,500

34' Wind In Your Face

Mainship Trawler for Sale

Wind In Your Face info »$149,500

34' Chelsea

American Tug Trawler for Sale

Chelsea info »$235,000

Boats & Yachts for Sale in the Georgia and North Florida Area