Cruisers Yachts for Sale

Cruisers Yachts are built in Oconto, Wisconsin since 1904. From building originally runabouts in traditional wood, Cruisers Yachts has grown into four plants building Cruisers from 23 to 60 feet in fiberglass. Cruisers offer a large line of boats and yachts to choose from with many custom options. Contact Us to purchase a used or new Cruisers Yachts for sale.

Worldwide Listings (18) powered by IYBA

60 Sea Rhythm III

Cruisers 60 Cantius for Sale

Sea Rhythm III info »$1,689,000

60 Mrs. Robinson

Cruisers 60 Cantius for Sale

Mrs. Robinson info »$1,249,900

50 San Pedro

Cruisers Cantius for Sale

San Pedro info »$1,099,000

50 Yachtsea

Cruisers 50 Cantius for Sale

Yachtsea info »$979,000

45 Good Thymes V

Cruisers 45 Cantius for Sale

Good Thymes V info »$599,000

38 CDreams

Cruisers 3870 Express for Sale

CDreams info »$89,000

41 J&J Shmoozin and Cruzin

Cruisers 41 Cantius for Sale

J&J Shmoozin and Cruzin info »$489,000

42 Wine Knot

Cruisers 420 Express for Sale

Wine Knot info »$198,000

37 Anchor Management

Cruisers 370 Express for Sale

Anchor Management info »$149,900

39 Dolphin Trace

Cruisers 390 EC for Sale

Dolphin Trace info »$379,900

39 Tranquila

Cruisers 39 Express Coupe for Sale

Tranquila info »$349,000


Cruisers Sport Coupe for Sale

info »$215,000


Cruisers 38 Express for Sale

info »$199,000

38 Sirena

Cruisers 380 Express for Sale

Sirena info »$228,000

37 Be Young, Be Foolish

Cruisers for Sale

Be Young, Be Foolish info »$89,900

33 EZ 2 Luv

Cruisers 3372 Express for Sale

EZ 2 Luv info »$56,000


Cruisers 338 South Beach Bow Rider for Sale

info »$249,000


Cruisers 328 Sport for Sale

info »$169,000

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