Deltaville Virginia Boats and Yachts for Sale

Deltaville, Virginia Boats and Yachts for Sale

Deltaville Virginia CSA Office
CSA in Deltaville, Virginia

Deltaville Boatyard and Marina is open to transient boaters and CSA is showing boats during the COVID-19 outbreak. See the CSA COVID-19 Response page.

Curtis Stokes & Associates have a brokerage office in Deltaville, Virginia. The Deltaville office is staffed by Mary Catherine Ciszewski, Lin Earley and Curtis Stokes.

Deltaville Boatyard
274 Bucks View Ln,
Deltaville, VA 23043

Deltaville is all about seafood festivals, fishing tournaments, sailboat racing and much more. Here you will find the Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park which hosts many events to celebrate Chesapeake Bay watermen as well as their boats and fishing methods.

Deltaville Marina

Deltaville Boatyard and Marina supplies services for absentee boat owners such as dockage, storage and maintenance while CSA markets an owner’s yacht or boat. Owners do not have to be present for the survey process, sea trial and haul out.

Deltaville has a long history. Stingray Point at the eastern tip of Deltaville was named by Capt. John Smith when he was stung by a stingray when exploring the area in the early 1600’s. First believing he would die of the sting, he survived to eat the ray for dinner!

Curtis Stokes & Associates invites you to see the CSA listings below and contact a Deltaville office broker above. Scroll down to see boat and yacht listings in the Deltaville, Virginia area. Or you may SEARCH for yacht listings by state, country, size and price, etc.

CSA Deltaville, VA Boats & Yachts for Sale

75 Pied A Mer

Burger Flushdeck Motoryacht for Sale

Pied A Mer info »$369,000

75 Paul Johansen

Other RS79 for Sale

Paul Johansen info »$1,695,000

65 Rhumba

Custom Malcolm Tenant Power Cat for Sale

Rhumba info »$1,850,000

64 Jonny Wasabi

Stuart Catamarans Multihull for Sale

Jonny Wasabi info »$750,000

59 The Ultimate Gift

Gibson 5900 Series for Sale

The Ultimate Gift info »$85,000

58 Swan Song

Roughwater Custom North Sea 58 for Sale

Swan Song info »$175,000

54 Sheena

Ocean Alexander Cockpit Pilot House for Sale

Sheena info »$219,000

54 Nestegg

Egg Harbor 54 Convirtible Flybridge for Sale

Nestegg info »$235,000

53 Carolinn

Jefferson International 5300 for Sale

Carolinn info »$248,000

53 Moonlight

DeFever "53" for Sale

Moonlight info »$249,500

51 License to chill

Ocean Alexander "511 Classico" for Sale

License to chill info »$379,500

51 Stevedore

Dettling Motoryacht for Sale

Stevedore info »$499,500

50 Bewitched

Ocean Alexander MK 1 for Sale

Bewitched info »$184,500

50 Noah Genda

DeFever "50" CPMY for Sale

Noah Genda info »$595,000

49 Shenanigans

DeFever CMPY for Sale

Shenanigans info »$324,500

49 Toucan

DeFever "49" CMPY for Sale

Toucan info »$199,500

49 Alchemist

Baltic "49" Motor Yacht for Sale

Alchemist info »$424,000

49 Little Red

Grand Banks 49 Motor Yacht for Sale

Little Red info »$159,900

48 Last Resort

McKinna PHMY for Sale

Last Resort info »$205,000

48 Charismatic

Hatteras 48 LRC for Sale

Charismatic info »$274,500

48 Remedy

Sea Ray 480 Sedan Bridge for Sale

Remedy info »$319,000

48 Fruition

CHB Sea Master Sundeck for Sale

Fruition info »$95,000

44 Happy Ours

Carver 444 Cockpit Motor Yacht for Sale

Happy Ours info »$157,500

47 Seyhorse

Hi-Star 470 for Sale

Seyhorse info »$274,750

46 No Regrets

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

No Regrets info »$230,000

46 Beach Quest

Sea Ranger "46" Sundeck for Sale

Beach Quest info »$149,500

46 Lady North

Canoe Cove Trawler for Sale

Lady North info »$110,000

46 Sea Trek

Carver 466 Motor Yacht for Sale

Sea Trek info »$225,000

45 Linda Lee

Aquarius Trawler for Sale

Linda Lee info »$144,900

44 Court Dismissed

Tollycraft 44 CMPY for Sale

Court Dismissed info »$109,900

43 Windy Cove II

Mainship 430 Sedan for Sale

Windy Cove II info »$285,000

43 Cherbo

Viking "43" Motoryacht for Sale

Cherbo info »$75,000

43 Loon

DeFever 43 for Sale

Loon info »$125,000

42 Kindred Spirit III

Grand Banks 2 stateroom Classic for Sale

Kindred Spirit III info »$135,000

42 Good Life

Custom Camargue for Sale

Good Life info »$89,500

42 Fun Time II

Carver 42 Aft Cabin for Sale

Fun Time II info »$100,000

42 Splendido

Monk Classic for Sale

Splendido info »$139,000

42 La Donna

Jefferson 42 Sundeck Motor for Sale

La Donna info »$87,500

42 Gadabaut

Grand Banks "42" Classic for Sale

Gadabaut info »$159,500

41 Novel Idea

Silverton 41 Convertible for Sale

Novel Idea info »$89,500

40 Manana

Mainship Sedan Bridge for Sale

Manana info »$79,900

40 Moor Tithings

Silverton 402 for Sale

Moor Tithings info »$79,900

40 Rum Bum

Silverton Aft Cabin for Sale

Rum Bum info »$34,500

40 TxAu

Trojan 12 Meter Motor Yachts for Sale

TxAu info »$68,900

40 Someday Came

Regal Commodore 3880 for Sale

Someday Came info »$199,000

40 Cruzan

Silverton Convertible for Sale

Cruzan info »$35,000

41 Red Dolphin

American Tug 41 Pilothouse for Sale

Red Dolphin info »$379,000

39 Business

Bertram 390 Convertible for Sale

Business info »$299,000

39 Lady May

Sea Ray 390 Sportfish for Sale

Lady May info »$26,900

38 Tom Foolery

Carver Santego for Sale

Tom Foolery info »$49,900

38 Katie Beth

Marine Trader Double Cabin for Sale

Katie Beth info »$125,000

38 Marisol

Mariner "38" Europa for Sale

Marisol info »$149,500

37 Out N About

Tiara Yachts 3700 open for Sale

Out N About info »$119,500

37 Someday

Young Sun 37 for Sale

Someday info »$29,500

37 Moon Beam

Great Harbour N37 for Sale

Moon Beam info »$345,000

37 Tanuki

Great Harbour N37 for Sale

Tanuki info »$340,000

38 No Name

Californian 38 Motor Yacht for Sale

No Name info »$60,000

36 Antonia

Monk 36 for Sale

Antonia info »$99,900

36 Harmony

Endeavour Catamaran for Sale

Harmony info »$109,900

36 Duck Blind

Trojan F-36 Sportfisherman for Sale

Duck Blind info »$30,000

36 Pamela Anne

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Pamela Anne info »$85,000

36 Soul Mates II

Carver 360 Mariner for Sale

Soul Mates II info »$99,450

36 Ariel

Trojan Tri-Cabin for Sale

Ariel info »$25,000

36 Room With A View

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Room With A View info »$59,500

35 Absolut

Silverton 35 Motor Yacht for Sale

Absolut info »$159,950

35 No Name

Carver 350 Mariner for Sale

No Name info »$65,000

35 Satori

Chris-Craft 350 Catalina for Sale

Satori info »$29,000

34 Here 4 Beer

Sea Ray 340 Sundancer for Sale

Here 4 Beer info »$95,500

34 Wind In The Face IV

Mainship 34 Trawler for Sale

Wind In The Face IV info »$140,000

34 Zuzu

Mainship "34" Sedan for Sale

Zuzu info »$28,000

34 Chelsea

American Tug 34 Pilothouse Trawler for Sale

Chelsea info »$229,000

34 Bottom's Up

Luhrs 3400 Motor Yacht for Sale

Bottom's Up info »$42,000

34 No Name

SeaVee 340z for Sale

No Name info »$315,000

32 Simpatico

Nordic Tugs 32 for Sale

Simpatico info »$245,000

33 Lady Nicole

Bertram 33 for Sale

Lady Nicole info »$57,000

36 Just Us

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Just Us info »$59,500

32 Shirley Ann

Wellcraft St Tropez for Sale

Shirley Ann info »$14,900

31 Unforgettable

Windsor Craft Picnic Boat for Sale

Unforgettable info »$89,000

30 No Name

Pursuit 300 for Sale

No Name info »$57,000

30 Luna Sol

Mainship Pilot for Sale

Luna Sol info »$49,999

29 Parker Rose

C-Hawk 29 Sport Cabin for Sale

Parker Rose info »$42,500

29 No Name

Stamas 290 Tarpon for Sale

No Name info »$39,999

29 No Name

Tiara Yachts 2900 for Sale

No Name info »$65,000

28 Quick Fish

Mako 284 for Sale

Quick Fish info »$89,000

28 Pier Pressure

Bayliner Ciera 2855 for Sale

Pier Pressure info »$24,000

27 No Name

Cherubini 255 Sport Cruiser for Sale

No Name info »$237,000

26 Mr Max

Slickcraft Flybridge for Sale

Mr Max info »$15,000

24 Last One

Stamas V-24 Aegean for Sale

Last One info »$50,000

24 Bulletproof

Wellcraft Martinique 2400 for Sale

Bulletproof info »$18,000

23 Take Five

Chris-Craft Lancer for Sale

Take Five info »$9,900

22 No Name

Chris-Craft Lancer for Sale

No Name info »$35,000

20 No Name

Cherubini Veloce Cherubini for Sale

No Name info »$89,900

20 No Name

Cherubini T Series Diesel for Sale

No Name info »$110,000

20 Miss Reagan

Cherubini Independence IC 20 for Sale

Miss Reagan info »$39,900

18 H2O

Chaparral H2O for Sale

H2O info »$21,000

17 Cheers

Hacker-Craft Utility for Sale

Cheers info »$30,000