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Great Loop Cruising

by Jim Healy
Great Loop Chart and Guide RecommendationsThe Great Loop cruise is many different things to different people. It is unquestionably a mix of opportunity and challenge. Social, travel and sightseeing opportunities abound, and are very satisfying and fulfilling. Challenges come in the form of piloting and navigation tasks, weather and facility delays…

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Great Loop Chart and Guide Recommendations

by Jim Healy
Great Loop Chart and Guide Recommendations
I am a strong advocate of cruisers having paper charts aboard. This article describes how we accomplished that for our Great Loop cruise. This article focuses on paper charts and print Cruising Guide resources, not on the many available electronic resources.

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reflections-great-loop-bookGeorge and Pat Hospodar, authors of “Reflection on America’s Great Loop”
Please see the articles below from George and Pat Hospodar for Great Loop cruising for some great first hand knowledge of the conditions you may find on your cruise.

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