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Preparing your Boat for a Hurricane

by Barbara Burke
Budgeting for Buying a BoatWe’re now in Hurricane Season and hopefully we’re wiser from past experience, but it doesn’t hurt to review a few tips for securing your boat. Remove canvas, sails, and loose items, double up dock and fender lines and add chafe guards. Remember that your fenders may be lifted by the wind and become useless, so cross tie your boat to hold it away from the dock. Tie your dock lines so they can be adjusted from the dock, and consider using snubbers. If you are on a fixed dock, make sure your lines are long enough to allow for rising water.

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Man Overboard!

by Barbara Burke
Man OverboardWe’re now A few weeks ago I was sailing with a friend on the St. John’s on a beautiful, brisk day of small craft warnings. It’s the kind of wind we love to sail in and what his boat was made for. But that day we had three land-lubbers on board, that weren’t into the adrenaline rush! As I took the helm, I told one of the passengers that in the unlikely event the captain went overboard from his task on deck, his job was to point to him and not take his eyes off of him, no matter what. When I saw the color drain out of his face, it got me thinking – of all the years I’ve been sailing…

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Budgeting for Buying a Boat

by Barbara Burke
Budgeting for Buying a BoatWhen chatting with a prospective purchaser for the first time, I often tell them that buying a boat is kind of like buying a puppy; it’s not just the price of the puppy that needs to be considered, it’s the cost of raising the dog. It’s the food, vet bills, leashes, obedience training… not to mention the cost of replacing things they chew up as they’re growing into well-behaved and loved family members. Similarly, in addition to the purchase price, there are certain expenses you need to be prepared for, when buying a boat.

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Boat Pre-Cruise Preparation

by Jim Healy
Boat Pre-Cruise Preparations1. Prepare a Float Plan; communicate plan to an independent, non-crew safety contact.
2. Ensure that navigation charts are onboard and, optionally, cruising guides for entire range of the float plan.
3. Prepare Chart Plotter waypoints and eRoutes, if desired.

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Great Loop Cruising

by Jim Healy
Great Loop Chart and Guide RecommendationsThe Great Loop cruise is many different things to different people. It is unquestionably a mix of opportunity and challenge. Social, travel and sightseeing opportunities abound, and are very satisfying and fulfilling. Challenges come in the form of piloting and navigation tasks, weather and facility delays…

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Anchor Rode – Calculating Capacity

by Jim Healy
Anchor Rode – Calculating CapacityIn the United States, the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) publishes a table of rode sizing that is suitable for use in coastal and intracoastal waters. This table makes rode selection safe and fairly easy for the vast majority of boaters. It also provides a criteria against which to evaluate installed ground tackle systems…

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Great Loop Chart and Guide Recommendations

by Jim Healy
Great Loop Chart and Guide Recommendations
I am a strong advocate of cruisers having paper charts aboard. This article describes how we accomplished that for our Great Loop cruise. This article focuses on paper charts and print Cruising Guide resources, not on the many available electronic resources.

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reflections-great-loop-bookGeorge and Pat Hospodar, authors of “Reflection on America’s Great Loop”
Please see the articles below from George and Pat Hospodar for Great Loop cruising for some great first hand knowledge of the conditions you may find on your cruise.

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