Gulfstar Sailing Yachts

Gulfstar Sailing Yachts were built from 1970 until 1987 when the company merged with Viking Yachts. Gulfstar Sailing Yachts owned by Vince Lazzara were built in fiberglass for the private and charter market. By the early 1980’s, Gulfstars were a part of every charter sailing fleet. Though Gulfstar built motor sailors and trawlers as well, their sleek charter sailboats were extremely popular. Gulfstar also built private label boats for many charter companies such as The Moorings, CSY and others. Contact Us for more Gulfstar Sailing Yachts information.

37' At Last

Gulfstar Sailboat for Sale

At Last details »$ 33,500

Worldwide Listings (10) powered by YATCO

53' 0" Western Star


Western Star details »$124,900 USD

50' 0" Distant Drum


Distant Drum details »$99,000 USD

50' 0" Winds n Whims


Winds n Whims details »$104,900 USD

50' 0" TUDO BEM


TUDO BEM details »$125,000 USD

49' 0" Audrey


Audrey details »$149,000 USD

47' 0" LYRIC


LYRIC details »$119,900 USD

47' 0" YOLO


YOLO details »$99,000 USD

45' 0" Wind Warrior 1


Wind Warrior 1 details »$94,900 USD

43' 0" TRVTH


TRVTH details »$67,900 USD

41' 0" No Name


No Name details »$56,500 USD

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