Jacksonville Florida Yachts for Sale

Jacksonville, Florida Yachts for Sale

Jacksonville Florida Marina
Ortega Marina in Jacksonville, Florida

Curtis Stokes & Associates covers Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville brokers are yacht broker/ Regional Manager Bio: Barbara Burke and yacht brokers Bio: Tom Russel and Bio: Ryan Daniels. Barbara can be reached at 904-310-5110 or barbara@curtisstokes.net any time.

Jacksonville is located on the St. Johns River, over 310 miles long, which is a prime cruising area. The St. Johns River flows into the Atlantic Ocean and crosses the Intracoastal Waterway only a few miles away. Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by population and growing rapidly.

Please see the Curtis Stokes & Associates listings below for the north Florida and South Georgia area as well as listings for many more yachts available in the region.

CSA Jacksonville Boats & Yachts for Sale

100' Natalia

Azimut Motor Yacht for Sale

Natalia info »$2,100,000

50' Victory

Gulfstar Sailboat for Sale

Victory info »$150,000

49' Water Music

Hunter Sailboat for Sale

Water Music info »$237,500

44' Fiafia

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Fiafia info »$77,000

44' Kingfisher

Endeavour Trawlercat for Sale

Kingfisher info »$259,500

43' Daydreaming

Viking Motor Yacht for Sale

Daydreaming info »$78,500

43' Wayward Wind

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Wayward Wind info »$78,900

38' Y-Knot 3

Sabre Yachts Sailboat for Sale

Y-Knot 3 info »$92,500

38' Another View

Seawind Catamaran for Sale

Another View info »$359,000

36' Cobalt 360

Colbalt Express Cruiser for Sale

Cobalt 360 info »$74,550

36' Amen

Monk Trawler for Sale

Amen info »$164,900

Boats & Yachts for Sale in the North Florida and Georgia Area