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Curtis Stokes & Associates is proud to present some of our latest and exclusive listings of yachts for sale. Please find below the motor yachts, trawlers, sailboats, sportfishers, express cruisers and Downeast/lobster boats available through CSA.

Contact us from the listing pages of the individual boats for sale or the CSA Contact Page. Thank you.

Newly Listed Motor Yachts for Sale

45' Jimni2

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Jimni2 info »$115,000

43' Bubbles

Vista Motor Yacht for Sale

Bubbles info »$109,900

52' Miss Utah

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Miss Utah info »$339,000

Newly Listed Trawlers for Sale

37' Someday

Young Sun Trawler for Sale

Someday info »$34,500

49' At Last

DeFever Trawler for Sale

At Last info »$335,000

45' Vitesse

Beneteau Swift Trawler for Sale

Vitesse info »$479,000

Newly Listed Sailboats for Sale

33' Brass Tacks

Cape Dory Sailboat for Sale

Brass Tacks info »$23,900

32' Fast Forward

C&C Sailboat for Sale

Fast Forward info »$69,500

35' Lakfis

Baba Sailboat for Sale

Lakfis info »$97,500

Newly Listed Sportfish for Sale

26' Pathfinder 2600 TRS

Pathfinder 2600 for Sale

Pathfinder 2600 TRS info »$112,000

26' Drambuoy

Shamrock 260 for Sale

Drambuoy info »$29,900

31' Chesapeake

Pursuit Sportfish for Sale

Chesapeake info »$79,900

Newly Listed Express Cruisers for Sale

27' Sea Ray SunDeck

Sea Ray SunDeck for Sale

Sea Ray SunDeck info »$27,500

32' Cobalt 302

Cobalt Express for Sale

Cobalt 302 info »$75,000

31' Sea Ray 31

Sea Ray Express for Sale

Sea Ray 31 info »$59,000

Newly Listed Downeast/lobster Boats for Sale

42' Yolo

Bruno & Stillman Downeaster for Sale

Yolo info »$150,000

35' Lydia E

Duffy Downeast Yacht for Sale

Lydia E info »$179,000

Thank you for visiting the New Listing Page for Curtis Stokes & Associates. CSA wants you to see the latest yachts available when you are looking for the exactly right boat for yourself, family, friends and business use. The new yachts are continually updated so that you will see the latest as they appear on the CSA web site.

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