Yacht Broker Rich Lewis

Yacht Broker Rich Lewis

West Palm Beach, Florida

Yacht Broker Rich Lewis
I’m striving to become the most referred yacht broker in Florida.

I’ve obtained degrees, worked in a variety of fields, and dedicated my time to fitness but nothing gets my heart pounding faster than boats. I grew up tuna fishing and we jumped on board and headed into Mexico for the prized longfins (Albacore). I also raced jet boats on California lakes. When I see a boat something magical happens to me. I go into 20 questions mode. Who owns her, where has she been, what type of motors and generator, how many hours, what’s the beam, the weight, the draft? What type of electronics, drive and is she for sale?

One of my pet peeves is ethics. It’s an oath I personally adhere to as a licensed yacht broker. When I work with buyers and sellers the one common denominator is ethics. This professional identifier will never be persuaded to jeopardize my ethical commitment to either side. I firmly believe that working with a motivated broker solves many issues. Integrity and dedication are two of my best qualities.

As a Health Coach for many corporations, I developed lifestyle strategies to solve cholesterol, fatigue and obesity issues. I researched data, found common links and threads and delivered an approach that was suitable for the individual. I did my best and spoke with sound advice to improve a lifestyle. I apply this to the marine industry.

I’m a fanatic about details. I acquire knowledge and remember items like an elephant. There is a need to know the details. It demonstrates being thorough with the ability to potentially answer difficult questions. I achieved this mentality when I worked trauma as a respiratory therapist. I had to know the chart and be prepared for the off the wall question or scenario to save the life.

I’m relentless in my pursuit. I turn over stones, knock on the door and dig deep to find the vessel that is right for the buyer. When I list a boat, I’m dedicated to that seller to ensure his trust. I love working and when I accomplish my goal my heart and soul are satisfied. I’m striving to build the best referral service in the marine industry.

Rich can be reached at Richard@CurtisStokes.net or call 561-900-6363.