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Yacht Crew Available

This page on CurtisStokes.net has been created to satisfy inquiries regarding getting a position aboard a yacht. Prospective yacht crew must review and accept the conditions below when sending their resumes (C.V’s) to be posted to this site.

  1. Resumes are accepted as Word documents or PDF files (1 Meg or less only) via email and will be posted for 12 months.
  2. CurtisStokes.net reserves the right of approval before posting any resume.
  3. If you are willing to comply with the above conditions, email your resume to resume@CurtisStokes.net.



Philip Hodshon 3-16

Dominic Fontaine 12-15

Frank Gnozzio 12-15

Curtis Williams 11-15

Christopher Lewis 12-13

Rob Andrews 11-13

Jesse Morgan 11-13

Gary Morehouse 5-13

John Wampler 2-13

David Grattan-Cooper 12-15
Anna Petchell

Craig Mitchell 3-16
Danielle Mitchell

Michael Sharratt 5-14
Jean Sharratt

Adam J. Stockholm 1-12
Sarah Ann Stockholm

Curtis Williams 12-10

Curtis Stokes recommends
the following crew agencies:

CrewFinders – www.crewfinders.com

Dovaston Crew – www.dovaston.com

Elite Crew International – www.elitecrewintl.com

Yacht Crew Register – www.yachtcrew.ca






Philip Hodshon 3-16

Jim Hix 9-11

Sebastian Gruner 5-11

Jade Rose Konst 11-11

Taylor Tillman 11-15

Lewis McClave 12-10

Andrea Renee Esno 12-10

Curtis Stokes and CurtisStokes.net does not take any responsibility for the employing of any of the individuals listed on this page. Viewers may use this free service at their own risk.