MOTOR YACHTS Yachts for Sale

Curtis Stokes & Associates Listings (62)

121' Morgan Star


Morgan Star info »SOLD!

75' Pied-A’ Mer

Burger Motoryacht for Sale

Pied-A’ Mer info »$379,000

64' Jonny Wasabi

Stuart Catamaran for Sale

Jonny Wasabi info »$750,000

54' Sheena

Ocean Alexander Motoryacht for Sale

Sheena info »$249,000

53' Satisfaction

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Satisfaction info »$274,900

51' Bella

Sea Ray Motor Yacht for Sale

Bella info »$289,900

48' Leisure Time

Jefferson Motor Yacht for Sale

Leisure Time info »$119,900

47' Wild Goose

Novatec Motor Yacht for Sale

Wild Goose info »$250,000

47' Sea Jamm

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Sea Jamm info »$175,000

47' Foreign Exchange III

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Foreign Exchange III info »$189,000

46' Paulie’s Paulie

Bertram Motor Yacht for Sale

Paulie’s Paulie info »$62,000

46' Irish Rover

Carver Yacht for Sale

Irish Rover info »$269,900

45' The Journey

Sea Ray Express for Sale

The Journey info »$65,000

44' Hellcat

Endeavour Trawler Cat for Sale

Hellcat info »$229,500

44' Rejoice

Endeavour Trawlercat for Sale

Rejoice info »$232,500

44' Iffin

Endeavour Trawlercat for Sale

Iffin info »$262,500

44' Abundance

DeFever Yacht for Sale

Abundance info »$154,500

44' Sea Fever

Symbol Motor Yacht for Sale

Sea Fever info »$89,900

44' The Journey

Navigator Motor Yacht for Sale

The Journey info »$215,000

43' Cruisin’ C’s

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Cruisin’ C’s info »$114,700

43' Jim N I

President Motoryacht for Sale

Jim N I info »$82,500

42' Goood Life

Custom Camargue Motoryacht for Sale

Goood Life info »$99,500

42' Fun Time II

Carver Motoryacht for Sale

Fun Time II info »$140,000

42' Imagine

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Imagine info »$87,000

42' Whimsea

Chris Craft Motor Yacht for Sale

Whimsea info »$121,600

41' Carver 41

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Carver 41 info »$155,000

41' Argentum

Maxum Motor Yacht for Sale

Argentum info »$100,000

40' Maharani

Mainship Motoryacht for Sale

Maharani info »$90,000

40' New Horizons

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

New Horizons info »$85,000

40' Ain’t Settlin

Formula 40 PC for Sale

Ain’t Settlin info »$209,000

40' Lagniappe

Regal Express Cruiser for Sale

Lagniappe info »$199,000

40' Absolut

Silverton Motor Yacht for Sale

Absolut info »$199,900


Tollycraft Motor Yacht for Sale

MY FAULT info »$64,900

38' Lexie Marie II

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Lexie Marie II info »$54,500

38' Californian

Californian Motor Yacht for Sale

Californian info »$60,000

37' Out N About

Tiara 3700 Open for Sale

Out N About info »$119,500

37' 3 C Martini

Maxum SCR Express for Sale

3 C Martini info »$40,000

36' Meant to Be

Carver Yacht for Sale

Meant to Be info »$105,000

36' Dread Naught

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Dread Naught info »$31,500

36' Good Tyme Charlie

Carver Motoryacht for Sale

Good Tyme Charlie info »$44,900

35' Lees-Ur-Tyme

Cruiser Yacht

Lees-Ur-Tyme info »$69,969

35' Carver 350 Mariner

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Carver 350 Mariner info »$74,500

34' Send Me

Rinker 320 Express Cruiser for Sale

Send Me info »$69,900

34' Sanctuary

Mainship Motor Yacht for Sale

Sanctuary info »$89,900

34' RealiSea

Sea Ray 34 for Sale

RealiSea info »$12,900

33' Second Effort

Sea Ray Express Cruiser for Sale

Second Effort info »$45,900

33' Meandher

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Meandher info »$59,500

32' Jan Esta

Tiara 3300 Flybridge for Sale

Jan Esta info »$47,500

31' Firecracker

Tiara Open for Sale

Firecracker info »$64,500

31' Rugman

Bayliner Express Cruiser for Sale

Rugman info »$32,500

31' Sea Ray 280

Sea Ray 280 Express Cruiser for Sale

Sea Ray 280 info »$42,500

31' Chesapeake

Pursuit Sportfish for Sale

Chesapeake info »$79,900

30' John Jay

Regal Express for Sale

John Jay info »$89,900

28' Sanctuary

Sea Ray Sundancer for Sale

Sanctuary info »$52,000

28' Burn Off By Noon

Regal Express Cruiser for Sale

Burn Off By Noon info »$138,900

27' Karica II

Shamrock 270 Open for Sale

Karica II info »$29,900

26' Visitation

Sea Ray Sundeck for Sale

Visitation info »$34,250

26' She’s Hooked

Sea Ray Sundancer for Sale

She’s Hooked info »$29,500

25' Formula F252

Formula Express for Sale

Formula F252 info »$17,900

25' Maxum

Maxum SCR Express Cruiser for Sale

Maxum info »$10,000

20' Chaparral

Chaparral Express Cruiser for Sale

Chaparral info »$18,500

20' Shamrock 20

Shamrock Open Fish for Sale

Shamrock 20 info »$13,000

Worldwide Listings (3) powered by YATCO

92' 3" 92' Paragon Cockpit


DETAILS »$4,395,000 USD



DETAILS »$2,795,000 USD

60' 0" Pearl 60


DETAILS »$895,000 USD

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