Yacht Broker Brent Bowlin

Yacht Broker Brent Bowlin

Northwest Florida- Panama City Beach, FL
West Florida – Fort Myers, FL
Tennessee Alabama Mississippi – Iuka, MS
Brent Bowlin Yacht Broker
Brent Bowlin was born and raised on the Tennessee River in Knoxville, TN. He fell in love with boating early in life and spent much of his youth working in marinas. Two weeks after turning 18, Brent spent his life savings on his first boat. Unfortunately, about that time Brent learned the importance of working with a broker and words like “survey” and “sea trial.” While this knowledge would have saved lots of heartache and dollars, the experience equipped Brent with an extensive understanding of maintenance, repairs, and boat projects.

More recently Brent joined the AGLCA and completed the Great Loop with his wife and children. They purchased a motor yacht for the one-year adventure. Many years later, they are still full-time cruisers despite earning their Gold Loop Burgee in May of 2021. Brent and his family love inspiring other boaters through their website, MomWithaMap.com

Brent has worked in the insurance industry for 20 years. Throughout the pandemic, Brent was able to lead his team based in Charlotte, NC from aboard his boat. His extensive industry knowledge has been invaluable in navigating an ever-changing insurance market.

Recently Brent made the decision to leave the corporate world and pursue a life dedicated to helping others become boaters. His mentor and friend, Michael Martin, encouraged him to reach out to Curtis Stokes. Having been a Curtis Stokes client himself, Brent felt the opportunity was an incredible fit. Brent joins the team as a Boat Broker specializing in the Great Loop market.

In addition to his broker and insurance certifications, Brent is a licensed Merchant Marine Captain. He also has an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing. Brent and his family have cruised over 10,000 nautical miles. When he isn’t at the helm, Brent enjoys cooking (yes, even in a boat galley), playing baseball with his son, watching his daughter SCUBA dive, and cheering on his favorite sports teams.

Brent can be reached at bbowlin@curtisstokes.net or 865-216-7628.