Deltaville Virginia Boats and Yachts for Sale

Deltaville, Virginia Boats and Yachts for Sale

Deltaville Virginia CSA Office
CSA in Deltaville, Virginia

Deltaville Boatyard and Marina is open to transient boaters and CSA is showing boats during the COVID-19 outbreak. See the CSA COVID-19 Response page.

Curtis Stokes & Associates have a brokerage office in Deltaville, Virginia. The Deltaville office is staffed by Mary Catherine Ciszewski, Lin Earley and Curtis Stokes.

Deltaville Boatyard
274 Bucks View Ln,
Deltaville, VA 23043

Deltaville is all about seafood festivals, fishing tournaments, sailboat racing and much more. Here you will find the Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park which hosts many events to celebrate Chesapeake Bay watermen as well as their boats and fishing methods.

Deltaville Marina

Deltaville Boatyard and Marina supplies services for absentee boat owners such as dockage, storage and maintenance while CSA markets an owner’s yacht or boat. Owners do not have to be present for the survey process, sea trial and haul out.

Deltaville has a long history. Stingray Point at the eastern tip of Deltaville was named by Capt. John Smith when he was stung by a stingray when exploring the area in the early 1600’s. First believing he would die of the sting, he survived to eat the ray for dinner!

Curtis Stokes & Associates invites you to see the CSA listings below and contact a Deltaville office broker above. Scroll down to see boat and yacht listings in the Deltaville, Virginia area. Or you may SEARCH for yacht listings by state, country, size and price, etc.

CSA Deltaville, VA Boats & Yachts for Sale

89 The Oasis

Custom for Sale

The Oasis info »$179,000

46 Sea Horse

Jefferson Sundeck for Sale

Sea Horse info »$89,000

43 Mutual Fun

Silverton 39 for Sale

Mutual Fun info »$192,000

43 Tortuga Blanca

Menorquin 130 for Sale

Tortuga Blanca info »$235,000

34 Emerson

Little Harbor for Sale

Emerson info »$199,000

32 Jack B

Nimble Wanderer for Sale

Jack B info »$42,500

Boats & Yachts for Sale in the Deltaville, VA Area