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AGLCA 2019 Fall Rendezvous

Great Loop Cruisers Association Fall Rendezvous
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Fort Lauderdale, FL- Curtis Stokes and Associates (CSA) displayed and spoke at the America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association (AGLCA) Fall Rendezvous October 14-17, 2019 in Rogersville, AL. AGLCA offers discounts for marina reservations, room rates and other services during the event. Be sure to register first for the Rendezvous to get access to these bookings and other offers. CSA as an Admiral Sponsor will be sponsoring the opening dinner and will speak at seminars with a Q & A sessions as well. CSA has been participating in the AGLCA Rendezvous for many years and looks forward to seeing you there.

Curtis Stokes and Associates also has Great Loop listings and other boats in the area to be shown at your convenience. See the CSA Great Loop page for more boat listings and Great Loop info.

CSA Listings within 150 miles of Rogersville.

48' Charismatic

Hatteras Trawler for Sale

Charismatic info »$274,500

43' Cruisin' C's

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Cruisin' C's info »$113,950

43' Bubbles

Vista Motor Yacht for Sale

Bubbles info »$79,500

41' The Blessing

Silverton Motor Yacht for Sale

The Blessing info »$79,900

40' Absolut

Silverton Motor Yacht for Sale

Absolut info »$159,950

40' Moor Tithings

Silverton Motor Yacht for Sale

Moor Tithings info »$84,500

40' The 4th Quarter

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

The 4th Quarter info »$349,000

39' Docks In

Bayliner Motor Yacht for Sale

Docks In info »$124,500

38' Tom Foolery

Carver Motor Yacht for Sale

Tom Foolery info »$49,900

36' Good Tyme Charlie

Carver Motoryacht for Sale

Good Tyme Charlie info »$42,500