Yacht Buyer Brokerage Service

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Yacht Buyer Brokerage
Curtis Stokes & Associates Yacht Buyer Service
With our buyer brokerage service, you save money because Curtis Stokes & Associates are compensated for our work on your behalf by the seller or listing broker and we don’t charge any travel or inspection expenses. You save time because we research, preview and provide feedback and photos on all yachts you consider before you travel extensively to visit each yacht for a personal inspection.

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Professional assistance!

Yacht Buyer Bokerage for BoatsWith our buyer brokerage service, you benefit from our years of experience as yacht owners, professional yacht captains and professional, honest, experienced yacht brokers. We are your representative and act more as consultants than salespersons in guiding you to the right yacht for you rather than just any yacht for you. Remember, the listing broker works for the seller, not you, so let us act as your guide through the potentially complicated, time consuming and costly exercise of buying a yacht.

Curtis Stokes & Associates assists you through the entire buying process, even after your sale is closed and you are underway. We create your offer and negotiate on your behalf, buffering you from the negotiating process with the seller. We assist you in finding the best surveyors, financing, insurance and documentation company for your closing, and we work as a team with everyone involved making sure you buy the right yacht. We can help arrange deliveries, training, dockage and repairs or upgrades. We are always available for continued consultation during your ownership of your yacht.

Here are the benefits of our Buyer Brokerage Service:


  • We work for you, not the seller
  • We will provide you a virtual showing using Facetime, Skype or What’s App.
  • No expenses
  • Save time
  • We do the research for you
  • We preview the yachts for you and provide feedback and photos
  • We create a final recommendation list of yachts for your consideration so you only have to inspect the right options for you
  • We are able to obtain better information from listing brokers than you are, since they are more interested in selling you their listing only
  • We provide real sold comparable and listing competition information so you know you are getting the best buy
  • We create your offer
  • We negotiate for you so you get the best buy possible
  • We are bonded and licensed, so your deposit is protected in our regulated escrow account
  • We assist you in finding the best marine surveyors
  • We assist you in finding the best financing
  • We assist you in finding the best insurance
  • We assist you in finding the best documentation company for closing
  • We work as a team with everyone involved to make sure the whole buying process operates as smoothly, efficiently and enjoyably as possible
  • We act more as a consultant than a salesperson, providing you with one dedicated professional rather than numerous listing brokers trying to sell you numerous different yachts
  • We are experienced yacht owners, professional yacht captains and professional, honest yacht brokers. We put all this hands-on experience to work for you!

Our honest approach to the “business” side of yachting sets us apart from others. Please feel free to CONTACT US at Curtis Stokes and Associates and start that relationship of quality service, advice, and support, which will continue long after buying your new yacht.

See our New Buyer Help Page for more info.