Monk Trawlers for Sale

Monk Trawlers were built in Taiwan to start with but have been built in Nova Scotia since 1992. The Monk 36 and 40 has a solid fiberglass hull with a cored superstructure. These single screw trawlers are fuel efficient long range yachts suitable for the Great Loop and ocean voyaging at around 600 miles. Monk Trawlers are known for beautiful teak interiors with ample storage. Older Monk models have a 120-135 Lehman engine while newer boats have a 220hp Cummins engine. Newer models have a top cruising speed of 10 knots. Ed Monk designed many other yachts, both sail and power some of them seen below, but is best known for the Monk 36, hundreds which have been built. Contact Us for more Monk Trawlers information.

42' Splendido

Monk Trawler for Sale

Splendido info »$139,000

36' Brighter Days

Monk Trawler for Sale

Brighter Days info »$179,000

36' Antonia

Monk Trawler for Sale

Antonia info »$104,900

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42' 0" Splendido


Splendido info »$139,000 USD

36' 0" Antonia


Antonia info »$99,900 USD

36' 0" Brighter Days


Brighter Days info »$179,900 USD

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