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Sailing Yachts for Sale

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53 Seraphim

Mason 53 Cutter for Sale

Seraphim info »$169,000

48 Liberterre

Privilege for Sale

Liberterre info »$185,000


Formula Evelyn for Sale

CHESAPEAKE info »$33,500

42 Moon Shell

Catalina 42 for Sale

Moon Shell info »$69,500

41 Avanyu

Cheoy Lee Pedrick for Sale

Avanyu info »$99,500

41 Entropy

C&C for Sale

Entropy info »$32,500

40 Jubilee

C&C CB for Sale

Jubilee info »$40,000

40 Moonbeam

Norseman for Sale

Moonbeam info »$70,000

39 Valkyrie

Dehler "39" for Sale

Valkyrie info »$99,000

38 Native

Herreshoff for Sale

Native info »$44,500

36 Moonlight Lady

Pearson 36-2 for Sale

Moonlight Lady info »$49,900

36 Swagman

Cheoy Lee "36" Sigma for Sale

Swagman info »$27,000

36 Jimannie

Endeavour Catamaran for Sale

Jimannie info »$150,000

36 Hotspur

Sabre 362 for Sale

Hotspur info »$89,900

36 Virginia Rose

Sabre 36 for Sale

Virginia Rose info »$54,900

35 Redemption

Beneteau Oceanis 351 for Sale

Redemption info »$64,500

34 No Name

Tartan for Sale

No Name info »$14,500

32 Nirvana III

Custom Danish Sloop for Sale

Nirvana III info »$12,500

32 Kokopelli

Jeanneau Attalia for Sale

Kokopelli info »$28,000

30 No Name

Ted Brewer Bulldog for Sale

No Name info »$39,000

28 Pied Piper

Liberty for Sale

Pied Piper info »$27,500

23 Son Light

Com-Pac 23/3 for Sale

Son Light info »$23,400

21 Thelma Marie

Atlantic City Kitty Cat 21 for Sale

Thelma Marie info »$14,000

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