Motor Yachts Sold by Curtis Stokes & Assoc.

Please see below a sampling of the many motor yachts sold by Curtis Stokes & Associates. Go to the page Motor Yachts for Sale for active boat listings. Contact Us for more information.

156 Amphitrite

Turquoise Motoryacht for Sale

Amphitrite info »$18,957,000

106 Grand Cru

Burger Raised Pilothouse for Sale

Grand Cru info »$870,000

57 Coast BLVD

Navigator 5700 Rival Pilothouse for Sale

Coast BLVD info »$250,000

53 Satisfaction

Carver 530 Voyager pilothouse for Sale

Satisfaction info »$274,900

52 Once Around

Sabre "52" Express for Sale

Once Around info »$799,500

52 Full Circle

Sea Ray Sedan Bridge for Sale

Full Circle info »$449,000

52 Miss Ly

Jefferson Motoryacht for Sale

Miss Ly info »$149,000

51 Winston II

Dettling Motor yacht for Sale

Winston II info »$585,000

49 Carolina

DeFever Cockpit motor yacht for Sale

Carolina info »$354,050

47 Sea Jamm

Bayliner 4788 for Sale

Sea Jamm info »$149,500

47 Wild Goose

Novatec Motor Yacht for Sale

Wild Goose info »$250,000

47 Club Ed

Carver "47" CPMY for Sale

Club Ed info »$265,000

44 Court Dismissed

Tollycraft 44 CMPY for Sale

Court Dismissed info »$109,900

44 Double Trouble

Tollycraft Cockpit Motor Yacht for Sale

Double Trouble info »$155,500

43 Northern Star

Mainship 430 for Sale

Northern Star info »$179,900

42 New Horizons

Ocean Alexander 423 Classico for Sale

New Horizons info »$279,500

40 Cat N Dogs

Endeavour "40" Trawler Cat for Sale

Cat N Dogs info »$255,000

40 Seascape

Mainship Expedition for Sale

Seascape info »$239,000

42 Phoenix

Silverton Convertible for Sale

Phoenix info »$159,000

38 Our Venture

Sea Ray Sundancer for Sale

Our Venture info »$164,900

38 Kathleen

Wesmac Downeast for Sale

Kathleen info »$429,000

17 Debbie D

Holby Bristal Skiff for Sale

Debbie D info »$9,950