Buy Trawlers for Sale

Trawlers for Sale

Scroll down to see trawlers of all lengths. Contact Us for more trawler information and listings. You may also Search for Trawlers for sale on the CSA search page for trawlers anywhere in the world.

Trawlers for Sale 50 feet and up

70 Mosey

Custom for Sale

Mosey info »$349,900

51 Legacy

Ocean Alexander 48/51 Aft Cabin for Sale

Legacy info »$425,000

50 Merlion

Ocean Alexander Mark I for Sale

Merlion info »$280,000

Trawlers for Sale 40 to 50 feet

48 Kokomo

Hatteras 48 LRC for Sale

Kokomo info »$269,000

48 Pearl

Ocean Alexander 48 Classico for Sale

Pearl info »$458,000

45 Beachfront

Bayliner 4550 for Sale

Beachfront info »$146,600

44 Kat's Meow

DeFever 44 ft. for Sale

Kat's Meow info »$95,000

44 Escapade

DeFever for Sale

Escapade info »$295,000

42 Free At Last

Grand Banks Classic 42 for Sale

Free At Last info »$105,000

43 Arie

Selene 43 Solo for Sale

Arie info »$425,000

42 Classic Rock

Grand Banks 42 Classic for Sale

Classic Rock info »$125,000

42 Cardinal Way

Ocean Alexander 423 Classico for Sale

Cardinal Way info »$225,990

40 Wasted Awave Again

Mainship 400 for Sale

Wasted Awave Again info »$199,500

40 Manana

Marine Trader LaBelle for Sale

Manana info »$179,750

Trawlers for Sale up to 40 feet

38 Altamira

Marine Trader 38 Double Cabin for Sale

Altamira info »$49,500

36 Isabell

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Isabell info »$209,000

36 The Answer

Kadey-Krogen "36" Manatee for Sale

The Answer info »$84,500

35 Selah

CHB Senator for Sale

Selah info »$59,500

32 Wandering Star

Nimble Wanderer for Sale

Wandering Star info »$68,500

29 Anna Mae

Ranger Tugs Command Bridge for Sale

Anna Mae info »$295,000

25 Cassiopeia

Ranger Tugs R-25 SC for Sale

Cassiopeia info »$129,400

25 Dream Catcher

Rosborough RF246 HSV for Sale

Dream Catcher info »$92,000

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