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Trawlers for Sale

Scroll down to see trawlers of all lengths. Contact Us for more trawler information and listings. You may also Search for Trawlers for sale on the CSA search page for trawlers anywhere in the world.

Trawlers for Sale 50 feet and up

Trawlers for Sale 40 to 50 feet

49 Toucan

DeFever "49" CMPY for Sale

Toucan info »$199,500

49 Fleur De Lis

Grand Banks "49" Classic for Sale

Fleur De Lis info »$165,000

49 Mystique

DeFever "49" CPMY for Sale

Mystique info »$310,000

49 Lioness

DeFever 49 RPH for Sale

Lioness info »$285,000

48 Charismatic

Hatteras 48 LRC for Sale

Charismatic info »$274,500

46 Lady North

Canoe Cove for Sale

Lady North info »$110,000

45 Triple 7

Symbol "45" Pilothouse for Sale

Triple 7 info »$335,000

42 Gadabaut

Grand Banks "42" Classic for Sale

Gadabaut info »$155,000

42 Cardinal Way

Ocean Alexander 423 Classico for Sale

Cardinal Way info »$269,000

42 Dream Catcher

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Dream Catcher info »$95,000

42 Branches

Trawler Treworgy Yachts LRC for Sale

Branches info »$204,000

42 Blue Water

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Blue Water info »$154,500

42 New Vector

Symbol 42' Sundeck for Sale

New Vector info »$289,000

42 La Principessa

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

La Principessa info »$139,900

40 Apres Sail

Mariner Orient 40 for Sale

Apres Sail info »$198,750

41 Red Dolphin

American Tug 41 Pilothouse for Sale

Red Dolphin info »$379,000

Trawlers for Sale up to 40 feet

39 Aqua Bago

Mainship 390 for Sale

Aqua Bago info »$137,500

37 Someday

Young Sun 37 for Sale

Someday info »$29,500

36 Lady Bug VII

Heritage East Sundeck for Sale

Lady Bug VII info »$210,000

36 The Answer

Kadey-Krogen "36" Manatee for Sale

The Answer info »$114,500

36 Antonia

Monk 36 for Sale

Antonia info »$99,900

36 Pamela Anne

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Pamela Anne info »$85,000

34 Panacea

Mainship 34 for Sale

Panacea info »$199,500

34 Habeas III

Mainship MK III for Sale

Habeas III info »$44,900

34 High C's

Mainship for Sale

High C's info »$46,000

36 Just Us

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Just Us info »$59,500

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