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Trawlers for Sale

Scroll down to see trawlers of all lengths. Contact Us for more trawler information and listings. You may also Search for Trawlers for sale on the CSA search page for trawlers anywhere in the world.

Trawlers for Sale 50 feet and up

Trawlers for Sale 40 to 50 feet

49 Petry's Pet

DeFever 49 RPH Plan B for Sale

Petry's Pet info »$279,000

48 Black Powder

Hatteras 48 LRC for Sale

Black Powder info »$239,500

47 John W

Custom Bray Yacht Design Passagemaker Karvi 47 for Sale

John W info »$449,500

47 Dream Fever

DeFever 47 for Sale

Dream Fever info »$180,000

46 Gotlsf

Grand Banks 46 Classic for Sale

Gotlsf info »$310,000

46 Hanusia

Grand Banks 46 Classic for Sale

Hanusia info »$245,000

40 B Attitude

Bestway 40 for Sale

B Attitude info »$54,500

44 Serenity

Island Gypsy Classic for Sale

Serenity info »$92,000

43 South Union

Bestway Labelle for Sale

South Union info »$79,000

43 Restless

Mainship 43 Performance for Sale

Restless info »$235,000

43 Elygance

Gamage Low Profile Sedan Cruiser for Sale

Elygance info »$645,000


Grand Banks 42 Classic for Sale

INDIGO FALCON info »$114,000

42 Burnin Daylight

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Burnin Daylight info »$185,000

42 Escort

Kadey-Krogen 42 for Sale

Escort info »$175,000


Grand Banks for Sale

GRATSEA info »$135,000

42 Mischief

Hatteras 42 LRC MK1 for Sale

Mischief info »$79,900

40 The Other Woman

Mainship 400 for Sale

The Other Woman info »$239,500

40 Sunshine Daydream

Mainship Expedition for Sale

Sunshine Daydream info »$249,500

40 Dixieland

Mariner Orient for Sale

Dixieland info »$180,000

40 Pipe Dream

Transpacific Marine Eagle for Sale

Pipe Dream info »$225,000

Trawlers for Sale up to 40 feet

39 Yinzer

Mainship 390 Trawler for Sale

Yinzer info »$145,000

34 Singlewide

Mainship 34 for Sale

Singlewide info »$174,990

38 Mystic

Mariner 38 Seville Double Cabin for Sale

Mystic info »$245,000

36 Leeward

Grand Banks 36 Classic for Sale

Leeward info »$99,750

36 Signal V

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Signal V info »$97,500

36 Eltinar

Kadey-Krogen 36 Manatee for Sale

Eltinar info »$149,500

35 WaterLilly

Florida Bay Coaster for Sale

WaterLilly info »$295,000

34 Anhinga

Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 for Sale

Anhinga info »$295,000

33 Kookaburra

Bayliner 3388 for Sale

Kookaburra info »$40,000

32 Useppa Sunset

Albin 32+2 Command Bridge for Sale

Useppa Sunset info »$88,900

32 Restless Spirit

Nordic Tugs 32 for Sale

Restless Spirit info »$119,000

32 Kat's Paw

Nimble Wanderer for Sale

Kat's Paw info »$59,500

33 Back Porch

Nimble Wanderer for Sale

Back Porch info »$55,000


Cape Dory 28 for Sale

ENDEAVOUR info »$39,900

27 Fresh Waters

Ranger Tugs R-27 for Sale

Fresh Waters info »$159,000

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