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Fort Lauderdale, FL– Curtis Stokes and Associates have long been supporters of Great Loop Cruisers by supporting the America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association and bringing great people and boats together to do the Great Loop. Curtis Stokes has also been a speaker discussing “Finding the right boat for your Great Loop cruise” at the AGLCA’s Rendezvous. Please Contact Curtis for more information. See Great Loop boats for sale listed below.

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The Great Loop is a wonderful opportunity to see the eastern United States the way few are able. Aboard your boat you will observe and experience the geography, flora, fauna and people close up and first hand.

Please see the Great Loop Map on the left to see the main route with seasonal alternate routes for a Great Loop cruise. Note that the alternative routes are based on Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter routes.

These routes are not chiseled in stone. You have time to make side trips in adjoining waters such as the Great Lakes, western rivers, the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, the many connected rivers of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Chesapeake, the Hudson River and others.

People who make this trip are known as “Loopers”. Yes, some will think you are a little loopie to spend your time on a trip like this as well as those who envy and appreciate the Great Loop for the great experience it is. Whatever your reasons, this will be one of the finest adventures in your life to be treasured always.

Some Loopers prefer trawlers and some prefer motor yachts for the Great Loop. Please find both below from Curtis Stokes and Associates. CSA offers a lifetime membership in the AGLCA for any Gold Looper who lists their boat with us upon the sale of the boat.

Contact Curtis who has the listings and the know-how for your Great Loop Cruise.

Great Loop Trawlers for Sale 40 feet and Up

70 Mosey

Custom for Sale

Mosey info »$349,900

51 Legacy

Ocean Alexander 48/51 Aft Cabin for Sale

Legacy info »$425,000

50 Merlion

Ocean Alexander Mark I for Sale

Merlion info »$280,000

48 Kokomo

Hatteras 48 LRC for Sale

Kokomo info »$269,000

45 Beachfront

Bayliner 4550 for Sale

Beachfront info »$146,600

44 Kat's Meow

DeFever 44 ft. for Sale

Kat's Meow info »$95,000

44 Escapade

DeFever for Sale

Escapade info »$295,000

42 Free At Last

Grand Banks Classic 42 for Sale

Free At Last info »$105,000

43 Arie

Selene 43 Solo for Sale

Arie info »$425,000

42 Classic Rock

Grand Banks 42 Classic for Sale

Classic Rock info »$125,000

42 Cardinal Way

Ocean Alexander 423 Classico for Sale

Cardinal Way info »$225,990

40 Wasted Awave Again

Mainship 400 for Sale

Wasted Awave Again info »$199,500

40 Manana

Marine Trader LaBelle for Sale

Manana info »$179,750

Great Loop Trawlers for Sale up to 40 feet

38 Altamira

Marine Trader 38 Double Cabin for Sale

Altamira info »$49,500

36 Isabell

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Isabell info »$209,000

36 The Answer

Kadey-Krogen "36" Manatee for Sale

The Answer info »$84,500

35 Selah

CHB Senator for Sale

Selah info »$59,500

32 Wandering Star

Nimble Wanderer for Sale

Wandering Star info »$68,500

25 Cassiopeia

Ranger Tugs R-25 SC for Sale

Cassiopeia info »$129,400

25 Dream Catcher

Rosborough RF246 HSV for Sale

Dream Catcher info »$92,000

Great Loop Motor Yachts for Sale 50 to 75 feet

72 Patriot

Burger CPMY for Sale

Patriot info »$495,000

70 Mosey

Custom for Sale

Mosey info »$349,900

53 Papermoon

Hatteras Extended Deck for Sale

Papermoon info »$349,000

53 Troubadour

Navigator 53 Pilothouse for Sale

Troubadour info »$245,000

Great Loop Motor Yachts for Sale 40 to 50 feet

48 Kokomo

Hatteras 48 LRC for Sale

Kokomo info »$269,000

47 Leap Of Faith

Bayliner 4788 for Sale

Leap Of Faith info »$199,500

45 Slowing Down

Bayliner 4550 for Sale

Slowing Down info »$109,000

44 Nauti Gurl

Regal Commodore 4460 for Sale

Nauti Gurl info »$225,000

43 High Gloss

Hatteras 43 for Sale

High Gloss info »$125,000

43 C Life

Jefferson Sundeck for Sale

C Life info »$84,500

42 Independence

Bruno & Stillman for Sale

Independence info »$195,000

40 Manana

Mainship Sedan Bridge for Sale

Manana info »$130,000

40 Discovery

Sea Ray Sundancer 400 for Sale

Discovery info »$560,000

40 Manana

Marine Trader LaBelle for Sale

Manana info »$179,750

Great Loop Motor Yachts for Sale up to 40 feet

39 Midnight Rider

Carver 390 CPMY for Sale

Midnight Rider info »$89,900

38 Salty

Bayliner 3888 for Sale

Salty info »$65,000

38 Maybe Later

Bayliner 3888 for Sale

Maybe Later info »$59,500

38 Scotia

Wilbur Downeast for Sale

Scotia info »$29,500

36 Our Pas Time

Carver Mariner for Sale

Our Pas Time info »$160,000

36 Chillin The Most

Carver 360 Sport Sedan for Sale

Chillin The Most info »$139,500

35 Under the wire

Chris-Craft Catalina for Sale

Under the wire info »$120,000

30 Sla'inte

Cutwater 30 LE for Sale

Sla'inte info »$269,900

25 Dream Catcher

Rosborough RF246 HSV for Sale

Dream Catcher info »$92,000

Great Loop Sail Yachts for Sale

36 Jimannie

Endeavour Catamaran for Sale

Jimannie info »$130,000

34 Scotch Bonnet

Gemini 3400 for Sale

Scotch Bonnet info »$72,000