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Catalina Yachts

Catalina has been building sailboats since 1970 starting in southern California. In 1984 Catalina bought the Morgan facilities in Florida. Catalina Yachts now manages what is one of the largest boat building facilities in the USA and the world. Catalina Yachts has 275,000 square feet that includes eight buildings spanning 26.5 acres. To date, Catalina has built over 60,000 boats.

Catalina sailboats are affordable boats that carry a high resale value ensuring the continued success of the Catalina lines. See below Curtis Stokes and Associates (CSA) Catalina Sailboat listings and other available world wide.

CSA Catalina Yachts Sailboats for Sale

Worldwide Listings (29) powered by IYBA


Catalina 470 for Sale

info »$295,000


Catalina 470 for Sale

COUNTRY DANCER info »$184,900

47 Nirvana

Catalina 470 for Sale

Nirvana info »$229,000

44 Lion's Paw

Catalina Morgan 440 for Sale

Lion's Paw info »$195,000

42 Tiki Breeze

Catalina 42 MKII for Sale

Tiki Breeze info »$169,000


Catalina 42 for Sale

info »$79,797

42 La Toys III

Catalina MK II for Sale

La Toys III info »$145,000


Catalina for Sale

FLYING NIMBUS info »$120,000

42 Melelana

Catalina MK I for Sale

Melelana info »$89,500

42 Sea Squatch

Catalina 42 for Sale

Sea Squatch info »$70,000

42 J Renee

Catalina 42 MK II for Sale

J Renee info »$148,000


Catalina 42 for Sale

info »$125,000


Catalina 42 MKI for Sale

ANCHOR HORSE info »$129,000

41 Rocinante

Catalina MkII for Sale

Rocinante info »$193,500

37 Endeavour

Catalina for Sale

Endeavour info »$169,900

35 Zephyrus II

Catalina 350 for Sale

Zephyrus II info »$109,000


Catalina 36 MKII for Sale

info »$109,500

35 Sands II

Catalina 350 for Sale

Sands II info »$90,000

34 Kambe J

Catalina C34 for Sale

Kambe J info »$32,000

34 Destiny

Catalina MKII for Sale

Destiny info »$69,000


Catalina for Sale

SEA VU PLAY info »$64,900

34 Lucky Tiger

Catalina 34 MKII for Sale

Lucky Tiger info »$75,900

31 Shooting Starr

Catalina 309 for Sale

Shooting Starr info »$64,900

30 Blue Heron

Catalina 30 MKII for Sale

Blue Heron info »$23,999

30 Puffin

Catalina MK II for Sale

Puffin info »$19,900


Catalina 30 MKII for Sale

info »$23,900


Catalina 30 MK II for Sale

info »$29,297

30 Interlude

Catalina C-30 Tall Rig for Sale

Interlude info »$15,500

27 Child of the Wind

Catalina 27 for Sale

Child of the Wind info »$15,000

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