Albin Yachts for Sale

Albin Yachts in 1899 started in the marine engine business before moving into boat building. Today Albin produces yachts from 25 to 120 feet. Albin builds trawlers, motor yacht and tournament express yachts. There is an Albin Yacht for every taste and need. Contact Us to purchase an Albin Yacht for sale.

43 Moonglow

Albin for Sale

Moonglow info »$72,000

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43 Moonglow

Albin for Sale

Moonglow info »$72,000

35 B&M II

Albin 32 + 2 Command Bridge for Sale

B&M II info »$119,900


Albin for Sale

info »$155,000

33 Persevere

Albin Ballad for Sale

Persevere info »$45,000

33 Soggy Dollar

Albin for Sale

Soggy Dollar info »$59,900

28 Sally's Ship Show

Albin 28 TE for Sale

Sally's Ship Show info »$89,900

28 The Wright Life

Albin 28 Tournament Express for Sale

The Wright Life info »$98,800

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