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Charter a Yacht for Breakfast in St. Tropez
Charter a Yacht for Breakfast in St. Tropez

We work as a team with select charter brokers, who specialize in arranging Luxury Yacht Vacations, otherwise known as “charters”, in destinations around the globe.

Each year, our charter professionals travel extensively, inspecting charter yachts and becoming familiar with their crew.

Our goal is to guide you through the charter process, handling all the details, so you can get out on the water to relax and enjoy.

Our clients tell us that chartering is the “best kept vacation secret.

What better way to experience the grandeur of some of the world’s most beautiful locations than on your own yacht?

There is no schedule, except the one you set. The menu, prepared by a five-star chef, is tailored to your every desire. The crew are there to satisfy your every need, 24-hours a day.

We guarantee you our team’s personal attention throughout your Luxury Yacht Vacation to ensure you have the greatest and most memorable experience possible.

Personal and professional service is what separates Curtis Stokes apart from other yacht companies. We have a proven track record, clearly evident by our large number of repeat and referral clients and customers. Please feel free to CONTACT US at Curtis Stokes and Associates and start that relationship of quality service, advice, and support, for your yacht charter.