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CBMM forms partnership with Curtis Stokes & Associates

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has recently announced the formation of a new, preferred partnership with Curtis Stokes & Associates in support of CBMM’s Charity Boat Donation program.

Donation- Bristol 36 Sailboat

Donation- Bristol 36 Sailboat

As part of the new partnership, CBMM and Curtis Stokes will jointly work to acquire, evaluate, market, and sell a selection of luxury boats donated to CBMM.

“We are grateful for Curtis Stokes’ expertise, resources, and support in the yacht brokerage field,” commented Charity Boat Donation Program Director Taylor Williams. “They will help CBMM market the higher-end boats that are donated to us—giving our donors the best value for their donations—while expanding the reach of our program to a larger pool of buyers.”

As part of the preferred partnership, Curtis Stokes will assist CBMM with the pre-evaluation of boats, and the determination of each boat’s marketability.

“Curtis Stokes will then help market these luxury boats through avenues only accessible to yacht brokers, which really helps us out tremendously,” said Williams. “For each successful sale they help with, CBMM will pay a small percentage for their services. The net, however, will be more revenues to support the people served by CBMM, and a higher valuation for our donors’ gifts.”

“We are deeply invested in the communities we serve,” commented Curtis Stokes & Associates President Curtis Stokes. “So helping a non-profit like CBMM in this way—and knowing the proceeds from each sale do so much good—is very meaningful to us.”

Proceeds from CBMM’s Charity Boat Donation program benefit the children and adults served by CBMM’s education, exhibition, and restoration programs.

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Curtis Stokes and Associates is a professional, licensed and bonded yacht brokerage firm with offices in Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Washington, and California. With brokers based throughout the United States and Europe, Curtis Stokes & Associates specializes in worldwide yacht sales, yacht charters, and new yacht construction. The firm was launched in September 2009 by Curtis Stokes, after he served numerous years as a mega-yacht captain, Hatteras Yachts sales manager, and as a broker with the Sacks Group Yachting Professionals. Now, Curtis Stokes and his team of associate brokers travel extensively, representing a select group of buyers and sellers worldwide.

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to preserving and exploring the history, environment, and culture of the entire Chesapeake Bay region, and making this resource available to all. Every aspect of fulfilling this mission is driven by CBMM’s values of relevancy, authenticity, and stewardship, along with a commitment to providing engaging guest experiences and transformative educational programming, all while serving as a vital community partner.