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DeFever Cruisers for Sale

72 Neptune II

DeFever 72 for Sale

Neptune II info »$425,000

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72 Neptune II

DeFever 72 for Sale

Neptune II info »$425,000

53 His and Hers

DeFever 53 POC for Sale

His and Hers info »$359,000

53 Betelgeuse

DeFever 53 POC for Sale

Betelgeuse info »$399,900


DeFever Performance Offshore Cruiser for Sale

VIVA info »$245,000

49 Got the Fever

DeFever 49 Pilothouse for Sale

Got the Fever info »$375,000

49 Stormann's Fire

DeFever 49 Pilothouse for Sale

Stormann's Fire info »$349,500


DeFever 49 Pilothouse for Sale

info »$239,000


DeFever 49 Cockpit 44+5 for Sale

info »$286,000

48 Kimber L

DeFever for Sale

Kimber L info »$159,000

45 Sand dollars

DeFever Raised Pilothouse for Sale

Sand dollars info »$425,000

44 Sea Fox

DeFever 44 Trawler for Sale

Sea Fox info »$149,000

Why purchase a trawler for sale with Curtis Stokes? … Honesty, Integrity, Experience.

DeFever 49 Trawler
Trawlers for Sale World Wide with Curtis Stokes

I have access and information on all DeFever trawlers for sale worldwide. I also travel the world extensively so I know the available inventory of trawlers for sale. Recent trips include Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada. I travel within the US constantly previewing available DeFever trawler inventory and attend the Trawler Fest shows as well as exhibit Trawlers at the shows. With my extensive knowledge of the current market, I will help you to narrow the list of possible trawlers for sale that fit your particular requirements.

I am not a high pressure salesman. Instead, I spend the necessary amount of time listening to your needs and desires and then offer my knowledge, professionalism and honesty.

DeFever Trawler Sales and Support
DeFever Trawler Sales and Support

As your “buyer’s agent” I am prepared to personally accompany and guide you through the entire buying process for your DeFever cruiser for sale. Once your selection is made I will advise and negotiate on your behalf, obtaining the best possible price and terms of the yacht for sale for you.

I will continue to lend advice during the due diligence process of sea trials and surveys of the trawler for sale as well as all other aspects related to the closing, ownership, and operation of your vessel.

Relationship of quality service, advice, and support, which will continue long after your successful closing. Consider a trawler for sale through Curtis Stokes for a positive experience.

My honest approach to the “business” side of yachting sets me apart from other brokers of DeFever trawlers.

Please feel free to CONTACT ME at Curtis Stokes and Associates and start that relationship of quality service, advice, and support, which will continue long after your successful closing.

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List your Trawler with Curtis Stokes and Assoc.
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Arthur DeFever
Arthur Defever Tribute
A Tribute to Art DeFever, 1918-2013

See the news article from Passagemaker Magazine “A Tribute to Art DeFever, 1918-2013” by Peter Swanson.

The article details much of his history and origins of how the distinctive DeFever design in long range vessels came to be popular in cruising trawlers and yachting today.

Click for the Passagemaker Magazine News Article.