Horizon for Sale

Horizon Yacht began in 1987 as part of the Taiwan yacht industry. Horizon first has success as a boat builder but moved up to mega yacht building in 1993. Horizon Yacht became quickly known for meeting the high quality standards of construction for Europe and Japan. Horizon Yacht is the only member of SYBAss (Superyacht Builder’s Association) from the Far East.

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111 FD110 006

Horizon FD110 Tri-Deck for Sale

FD110 006 info »$18,604,640


Horizon 106 Tri-Deck for Sale

ALMOST THERE info »$2,995,000

106 Almost There

Horizon Widebody Tri-Deck for Sale

Almost There info »$2,995,000

100 FD100 911

Horizon FD100 for Sale

FD100 911 info »$14,596,960


Horizon FD100 for Sale

WIGGLE ROOM info »$14,250,000

90 FD90 229

Horizon FD90 for Sale

FD90 229 info »$11,455,000

82 Odyssey

Horizon Motor Yacht for Sale

Odyssey info »$2,099,000


Horizon for Sale

info »$1,199,000

77 Virgin Gold

Horizon for Sale

Virgin Gold info »$1,938,600

78 Virgin Gold

Horizon for Sale

Virgin Gold info »$2,692,500

75 FD75 709

Horizon FD75 for Sale

FD75 709 info »$6,606,510

74 Viaggio

Horizon Vision for Sale

Viaggio info »$1,199,000


Horizon Vision 74 for Sale

VIAGGIO info »$1,400,000

73 Lady Laura

Horizon E73 Flybridge Motor Yacht for Sale

Lady Laura info »$1,200,000

68 V68 609

Horizon V68 for Sale

V68 609 info »$0

64 Lady Caradoc

Horizon Elegance 64 for Sale

Lady Caradoc info »$457,000


Horizon for Sale

info »$599,000


Horizon 60 Power Catamaran for Sale

SANCTUARY info »$1,795,000


Horizon for Sale

info »$1,695,000

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