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Trawlers for Sale

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Trawlers for Sale 50 feet and up

53 Moonlight

DeFever "53" for Sale

Moonlight info »$249,500

51 License to Chill

Ocean Alexander "511 Classico" for Sale

License to Chill info »$379,500

50 Bewitched

Ocean Alexander MK 1 for Sale

Bewitched info »$184,500

50 Noah Genda

DeFever "50" CPMY for Sale

Noah Genda info »$595,000

Trawlers for Sale 40 to 50 feet

49 Shenanigans

DeFever CMPY for Sale

Shenanigans info »$324,500

49 Toucan

DeFever "49" CMPY for Sale

Toucan info »$199,500

49 Little Red

Grand Banks 49 Motor Yacht for Sale

Little Red info »$159,900

48 Charismatic

Hatteras 48 LRC for Sale

Charismatic info »$274,500

48 Fruition

CHB Sea Master Sundeck for Sale

Fruition info »$95,000

47 Seyhorse

Hi-Star 470 for Sale

Seyhorse info »$269,500

46 No Regrets

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

No Regrets info »$210,000

46 Lady North

Canoe Cove Trawler for Sale

Lady North info »$110,000

46 Trinity

Nordhavn 46 for Sale

Trinity info »$325,000

46 Easy Duet

Prairie Boat Works Trawler for Sale

Easy Duet info »$82,000

43 Windy Cove II

Mainship 430 Sedan for Sale

Windy Cove II info »$285,000

42 Kindred Spirit III

Grand Banks 2 stateroom Classic for Sale

Kindred Spirit III info »$135,000

42 Splendido

Monk Classic for Sale

Splendido info »$135,000

42 Gadabaut

Grand Banks "42" Classic for Sale

Gadabaut info »$155,000

42 Nectar

Ocean Alexander 426 for Sale

Nectar info »$225,000

40 Apres Sail

Mariner Orient 40 for Sale

Apres Sail info »$198,750

41 Red Dolphin

American Tug 41 Pilothouse for Sale

Red Dolphin info »$379,000

Trawlers for Sale up to 40 feet

38 Katie Beth

Marine Trader Double Cabin for Sale

Katie Beth info »$110,000

37 Someday

Young Sun 37 for Sale

Someday info »$29,500

37 Moon Beam

Great Harbour N37 for Sale

Moon Beam info »$345,000

37 Tanuki

Great Harbour N37 for Sale

Tanuki info »$340,000

36 Antonia

Monk 36 for Sale

Antonia info »$99,900

36 Harmony

Endeavour Catamaran for Sale

Harmony info »$109,900

36 Pamela Anne

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Pamela Anne info »$85,000

36 Room With A View

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Room With A View info »$59,500

36 Possibilities

Prairie Boat Works "36" Double Cabin for Sale

Possibilities info »$54,500

35 Crystal Blue

Mainship 350 for Sale

Crystal Blue info »$132,500

34 Wind In The Face IV

Mainship 34 Trawler for Sale

Wind In The Face IV info »$140,000

34 Zuzu

Mainship "34" Sedan for Sale

Zuzu info »$24,000

36 Just Us

Grand Banks Classic for Sale

Just Us info »$59,500

30 Luna Sol

Mainship Pilot for Sale

Luna Sol info »$49,900

32 Simpatico

Nordic Tugs 32 for Sale

Simpatico info »$245,000

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