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Trawlers for Sale

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Trawlers for Sale 50 feet and up

73' Retired Sailor III

Snowbird Trawler for Sale

Retired Sailor III details »$ 1,300,000

66' Lapis Lazuli

DeFever for Sale

Lapis Lazuli details »350,000 USD

64' Jonny Wasabi

Stuart Catamaran for Sale

Jonny Wasabi details »750,000 USD

53' Inspiration

Jefferson LRC Trawler for Sale

Inspiration details »$ 399,000

53' Molly Morgan

DeFever Trawler for Sale

Molly Morgan details »$224,500

Trawlers for Sale 40 to 50 feet

49' Tres Bien

DeFever Trawler for Sale

Tres Bien details »$ 210,000

47' Seven Tenths

Great Harbour Trawler for Sale

Seven Tenths details »$ 530,000

47' Grayling

Custom Steel Trawler for Sale

Grayling details »$ 159,900

47' Dream Fever

DeFever Trawler for Sale

Dream Fever details »$179,500

45' Rob. Waverunner

Bruce Roberts Waverunner

Rob. Waverunner details »$ 124,900

44' Abundance

DeFever Yacht for Sale

Abundance details »154,500 USD

44' Eagle's Nest

DeFever Trawler for Sale

Eagle's Nest details »$ 215,000

44' Terrapin

DeFever Trawler for Sale

Terrapin details »$ 145,000

44' Fiafia

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Fiafia details »$ 79,500

44' Hellcat

Endeavour Trawler Cat for Sale

Hellcat details »$239,500

44' Kingfisher

Endeavour Trawlercat for Sale

Kingfisher details »$259,500

43' Odyssee

Hatteras Yacht for Sale

Odyssee details »89,500 USD

43' Lightfoot

Hatteras Yacht for Sale

Lightfoot details »$79,500

43' Two Drifters

Mainship Trawler for Sale

Two Drifters details »US$ 299,900

43' Venture 2

Sabreline Trawler for Sale

Venture 2 details »$ 267,500

43 MoWhisky

Mainship Trawler for Sale

MoWhisky details »$199,500

43' Wayward Wind

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Wayward Wind details »$78,900

42' Sun Gypsy

Grand Banks Trawler for Sale

Sun Gypsy details »$ 114,900

42' Hard Ship

Treworgy Trawler for Sale

Hard Ship details »$295,000

41' Red Dolphin

American Tug Trawler for Sale

Red Dolphin details »$ 425,000

40' Knot So Fast

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Knot So Fast details »$ 69,900

40' Wanderer

Heritage East

Wanderer details »$39,500

Trawlers for Sale up to 40 feet

38' Sea Estate

Oceania Trawler for Sale

Sea Estate details »$ 99,500

38' Sadie Too

United Ocean Trawler for Sale

Sadie Too details »$ 69,950

38' Midas Touch

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Midas Touch details »$ 39,900

37' Mazel Tug

Nordic Tugs Trawler for Sale

Mazel Tug details »$ 235,000

37' Young America

Mirage Trawler for Sale

Young America details »$ 325,000

37' The Rose

Great Harbour Trawler for Sale

The Rose details »$ 330,000

37' Theamata

Albin Trawler for Sale

Theamata details »$69,000

36' Just Us

Grand Banks Trawler for Sale

Just Us details »$ 72,000

36' Mary Mar

Kadey-Krogen Trawler for Sale

Mary Mar details »$ 159,900

36' Amen

Monk Trawler for Sale

Amen details »$167,500

36' Holo Holo

Endeavour TrawlerCat for Sale

Holo Holo details »$185,500

35' Abacus

Nordhavn Trawler for Sale

Abacus details »$ 280,000

35' Adagio

Ta Chiao CT Trawler for Sale

Adagio details »$ 22,900

34' Reef Drifter

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

Reef Drifter details »$67,500

34' My Therapy

Marine Trader Trawler for Sale

My Therapy details »67,500

34' No Clew

Mainship Trawler for Sale

No Clew details »$31,000

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