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CSA-AGLCA Docktails/Looper Crawl

Great Loop Cruisers Association May 26
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Fort Lauderdale, FL- Curtis Stokes and Associates (CSA) was pleased to announce the CSA-AGLCA Docktails/Looper Crawl in St. Michaels, MD at St. Michaels Marina on May 26th from 3 pm to 7:30 pm.

CSA had about a dozen boats so far that will be open for inspection. Not all of them were for sale. The owners are graciously opening their boats, so new buyers can see brands and models they might not know yet. CSA is also sponsoring the docktails afterwards. We will supply light food and each person must BYOB. Please contact Curtis Stokes to attend. CSA offers free memberships to AGLCA when purchasing a Great Loop boat.

CSA Listings within 150 miles of St. Michaels, MD.

60 Jills Magic II

Custom Phil Jones for Sale

Jills Magic II info »$595,000

47 Dream Fever

DeFever 47 for Sale

Dream Fever info »$180,000

46 Gotlsf

Grand Banks 46 Classic for Sale

Gotlsf info »$310,000

46 Hanusia

Grand Banks 46 Classic for Sale

Hanusia info »$245,000

46 Tradition

Carver 466 for Sale

Tradition info »$238,000

46 Steve's Secret

Cruisers Yachts for Sale

Steve's Secret info »$325,000

40 B Attitude

Bestway 40 for Sale

B Attitude info »$54,500

44 Serenity

Island Gypsy Classic for Sale

Serenity info »$92,000

42 Escort

Kadey-Krogen 42 for Sale

Escort info »$175,000

42 Martini & Me

Post Convertible for Sale

Martini & Me info »$65,000

41 Sea Cloud

Mainship 41 Cockpit for Sale

Sea Cloud info »$40,000

40 Dixieland

Mariner Orient for Sale

Dixieland info »$180,000

40 Game Hog

Custom for Sale

Game Hog info »$110,000

33 Sweet Katrinka

Sea Ray 330 Amberjack for Sale

Sweet Katrinka info »$79,500

37 Carte Blanche

Cruisers 375 for Sale

Carte Blanche info »$145,000

34 Stormy Daniels II

Sea Ray 340 Sundancer for Sale

Stormy Daniels II info »$89,900

36 Eltinar

Kadey-Krogen 36 Manatee for Sale

Eltinar info »$149,500

35 Dilligaf

Great Harbour TT 35 for Sale

Dilligaf info »$287,900

35 WaterLilly

Florida Bay Coaster for Sale

WaterLilly info »$295,000

34 Dottie K

Silverton Convertible for Sale

Dottie K info »$124,500

33 Lady Nicole

Bertram 33 for Sale

Lady Nicole info »$45,000


Silverton Convertible for Sale

info »$134,900

33 Summer Recess

Wellcraft Martinique 3300 for Sale

Summer Recess info »$60,000

33 Kookaburra

Bayliner 3388 for Sale

Kookaburra info »$43,000

30 Hot Pursuit

Pursuit 3000 for Sale

Hot Pursuit info »$54,500

32 Restless Spirit

Nordic Tugs 32 for Sale

Restless Spirit info »$119,000

32 Kat's Paw

Nimble Wanderer for Sale

Kat's Paw info »$65,000

31 Dayenu

Sea Ray 310 for Sale

Dayenu info »$47,000

31 Elba

Ocean Master for Sale

Elba info »$89,500

31 Parisea

Bertram 31 for Sale

Parisea info »$69,900

30 Sans Regret

Scout 300 LXF for Sale

Sans Regret info »$349,000


Grady-White Canyon 271 for Sale

info »$209,000


Shamrock 22 cc for Sale

info »$17,500

27 No Name

Cherubini 255 Sport Cruiser for Sale

No Name info »$195,000


Shamrock for Sale

info »$20,000


Sea Ray Sundeck for Sale

info »$15,000


Cobalt for Sale

info »$14,500


Sea Ray for Sale

info »$21,000